Spanlites® clear roof sheeting: more sunlight and fewer UV rays, so there’s more space for Times Like These™

Spanlites® clear roof sheeting allow you to make the most of your living area whilst still ensuring maximum light. Spanlites® are our exclusive translucent acrylic and polycarbonate roofing options, which keep the weather and UV rays out but allow the light to continue streaming in. With superior UV resistance, you can ensure that you and your family are protected from harsh UV rays as you make the most of your Spanline home addition.

Spanlites® clean roof sheeting can be used in conjunction with our insulated roofing or our DoubleU® roofing, and can be used with a wide variety of roofing profiles too. Patios can benefit from Spanlites®, as can carports, glass rooms, screen enclosures and all other projects requiring roofing. Unlike our opening roofs, Spanlites® are fixed in position and can’t be adjusted.  They offer an affordable way to continue allowing light in while you keep the weather outside where it belongs.

We offer high impact acrylic Spanlites® with superior UV resistance, and strong and durable polycarbonate Spanlites® with UV stabilisers. These are both perfect for ensuring that not only your Spanline home addition continues to receive natural lighting, but also the rest of your home. Spanlites® can be placed above existing windows in your house, or they can be spaced out along the roof. Because we don’t work from kits and customise everything to your needs, it’s up to you!

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