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Care and Maintenance

Always Follow the Spanline Care and Maintenance Guidelines

For best results with your Spanline home addition, ensure you follow our care and maintenance instructions. These will also help your warranty should you ever need to claim it.

Following these care and maintenance instructions will assist in achieving maximum life and performance of the product finish and componentry of your new Spanline Home Addition. Failure to carry out and adhere to these instructions may impact your product warranty. Please refer to the Spanline Branded Product Warranty document for full details.

To ensure that your Spanline home addition always remains in good order, please attend to these simple maintenance requirements:

  • Prior to walking on the roof, a temporary walkway should be erected in accordance with AS 1562.1. Spanline roofs are non-trafficable for N3 wind category and below.
  • Always remove leaves and debris from the roof and gutters and ensure that downpipes are kept clear.
  • Refer to the directions for safe use of the Spanline Blue Clean product and regularly wash both sides of your Spanline home addition to remove grime, dirt and salt build-up. Do not use corrosive substances on surfaces. Wash surfaces with Blue Clean and rinse with lukewarm water. Wipe down the underside of the roof with a sponge or soft rag to maintain the gloss sheen. Please refer to the Spanline Care and Maintenance schedule overleaf to determine cleaning frequency.
  • Should any unusual or irregular build-up occur, consult your Spanline franchise outlet immediately. Report any “ponding” or leaks to your Spanline franchise outlet and always remove any foreign objects or substances from your Spanline home addition immediately.
  • Please consult your Spanline franchise outlet before attempting any repair or alteration to your Spanline home addition during the Warranty period. In the future if you wish to add or make alterations to your Spanline home addition, it is always recommended that you consult your Spanline franchise outlet first.






More than 10km from beachfront* or sheltered bay*

6 Months



1km to 10km from beachfront* or sheltered bay*

2 to 3 months



500m to 1km from beachfront* or sheltered bay*

2 to 4 Weeks


Severe Marine

Within 500m of beachfront* or 100m of sheltered bay*

1 to 2 weeks


*Please Note

  1. Beachfront refers to breaking surf causing airborne moisture. Sheltered bay refers to calm salt waters not experiencing surf conditions.
  2. Fresh water lakes are not considered high risk areas.
  3. Heavy industrial areas can be considered marine environments.
  4. The recommended cleaning intervals provided here are a general guidance only to the minimum maintenance requirements. Some installations may require extra cleaning / maintenance due to local environmental conditions.

Download your Care and Maintenance card here

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