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Deciding Between Patio Roof Repair and a New Patio Build

Understanding the Dilemma: Repair or Replace?

Homeowners often grapple with the question: should they fix their patio roof or invest in a complete roof replacement? This decision can often have profound implications for your home’s aesthetics, functionality, and value. Spanline provides expert guidance, drawing from extensive roofing project experience, to help homeowners make an informed choice.

free standing carport
free standing carport with porsche

The Benefits of Opting for Roof Repair

  1. Preserving the Original Aesthetics – Opting for roof repair allows you to retain the original aesthetics of your home. If your metal roofing or roof tiles are still predominantly in good condition, repairing them could well be the best choice.
  2. Cost-Effective in the Short Term – Roof restorations generally prove more economical than a fully-fledged replacement. Addressing minor roof issues or roof leaks through timely repairs can help extend your roof’s lifespan without undue expenses.
  3. Time-Saving – Swift roof tile repair or dealing with a leaky roof typically takes less time than a complete roof replacement meaning you can avoid the inconvenience of extended roof work.

When a New Patio Build is the Right Choice

  1. Addressing Extensive Damage – If issues have accumulated, it might be more prudent to opt for a complete roof replacement. This is especially true if the roof is metal.
  2. Modernise and Upgrade – Embracing a new roofing project provides the opportunity to incorporate the latest in roof system technology in your design. Modern roofing materials allow innovative design options, improved energy efficiency, and heightened durability.
  3. Enhance Property Value – A new patio or enclosure has the potential to significantly augment your property’s value. Especially with the right type of roof and particularly when you employ top-tier materials and designs.
free standing carport roof slendek

Showcasing Spanline’s Signature Projects

Let’s explore a few of Spanline’s signature projects to inspire and guide your decision-making process:

Leading the Way in Commercial Roofing

Our Carport is King project underscores the durability and strength of the Double U Roofing®. This roofing is a testament to our roofing professionals’ expertise.

opening roof pergoola

The Innovative Opening Roof Pergola

Feel Free in Lemon Tree introduces the future of outdoor spaces with the Skylux® Louvred Roof. With unique features such as Bluetooth connectivity and adjustable lighting, this roof ensures year-round comfort. The highly durable aluminium blades offer energy efficiency, making it perfect for both summer and winter months.

The Family-friendly Outdoor Extension

Keep it in the Family showcases the unparalleled Double-U® Roofing. Its unique design, made with high tensile Aluzinc® coated steel, offers unparalleled strength and rigidity. The roofing not only provides effective weatherproofing but also complements existing homes with its array of colour combinations.

family friendly outdoor extension with spanlites polycarbonate roofing
refreshing poolside patio roof

A Refreshing Poolside Patio

Our Mackay Poolside Patio project embodies luxury and relaxation. The patio, due to excessive heat, was previously unusable in the summer months when the pool was in highest demand. Now the owners are able to relax in a shaded area cool enough for poolside dining, even in the heat of summer. Featuring timber posts, green guttering and white beams, the tasteful addition fits perfectly into the original colour scheme of the home.

Build it Your Way with Spanline

Spanline Home Additions has been a leading name in home improvements for over 38 years. Our dedication to excellence has always driven us to deliver top-notch, innovative solutions for Australian homeowners.

The accolades and consistent 5-star feedback received from our customers are a testament to our unwavering quality and customer service. We excel in designing and installing bespoke home additions, from contemporary glass rooms and screens to patios and carports. We manufacture and produce our products in Australia, tailoring them for our distinct weather conditions.

Our Double U® and Slendek® roofing products are unparalleled. They have endured rigorous testing, emerging with certifications for their resilience to extreme weather, including cyclonic conditions. The steel we use meets the rigorous national standards of AS1530 for fire resistance, showcasing its outstanding quality.

Spanline doesn’t just offer products; we provide peace of mind. Every roofing contractor at Spanline holds the relevant licenses and we ensure all workers on your project possess the right trade certificate.

Our Design Advisors consistently update their expertise in technical aspects and customer service. Transparency and integrity are at the core of our ethos. From free design consultations and customised design services to transparent quotes, we aim for clarity in all our interactions.

Our up to 15-year warranty on materials and services is a testament to our confidence in our offerings. Moreover, our after-sales support remains unequalled, echoing our dedication to the satisfaction of every client. We navigate the intricacies of home improvements with ease. Our adept licensed builders manage everything:

  • onsite inspections
  • state-of-the-art 3D renderings of your envisioned project
  • detailed council plans to obtain requisite council approvals^.

The accolades we’ve earned speak for themselves, with consistent 5-star feedback from our happy customers. Spanline Home Additions isn’t just about structures; it’s about enhancing lifestyles. Trust Spanline to manifest your vision, ensuring every addition to your home is nothing short of perfection.

Recently had a carport erected that totally complements the house. Good planning, good materials and good workmanship especially with complex or difficult additions, couldn't be happier.They are also a pleasure to deal with.
Sean Campbell
Sean Campbell
I had priced a few local & Sydney groups for a quote for my new car port. From day one to completion, these guys were on time & kept me updated during the whole process which you cannot fault.Yes, people say they charge a little more, but you pay for what you get and a quality outcome.I would highly recommend using this guy's again, to anyone looking to add on additions to your home.
Robert Gaggero
Robert Gaggero
Excellent service. Not the cheapest but you get what you pay for. High quality install. Fabulous workmanship. Great customer service. Installed quickly. Highly recommended.
Paul Whitaker
Paul Whitaker
The prescreening offer outside area and replacement of spanlite panels was done promptly and efficiently. Nothing was too much trouble for our installer Tom who was a perfectionist and made a brilliant job of the work, The work area was left perfectly clean and tidy and he, like everyone dealt with at spanline was very pleasant and helpful. I would't hesitate to recommend spanline to friends or family.
David Clark
David Clark
Gave them a very challenging extension project and they did a great job. Pleasure to deal with. Well done guys!
Jason Brown
Jason Brown
Good team to deal with & attended to any issues along the way! Beginning with Seb doing the upfront design & quote to all the different trade staff completing new patio, guttering, fascia, retaining wall, lighting & concreting! Very happy with the final result! Thanks to all involved.
Heather Drew
Heather Drew
I met Mitch today. Not as a client but as a general member of the community asking for help. Mitch was genuine, polite and kind, and above all he was honest. I'd lost my debit card from the car whilst driving and went back to get it. So many people would keep it, or ignore you. Honestly can't thank Mitch enough for his help today. Saved me a lot of stress. If you want honesty in your tradesmen, call Mitch.
Serene Johnson
Serene Johnson
Professionalism with EVERYONE involved and workmanship were 2nd to none. Wife and I could not be happier with the work carried out and of course the end result. Would highly recommend Spanline Home Additions to our friends
Steve Soper
Steve Soper
What I loved most about having Rhett and the crew do our Patio this week was the consistent communication! Not to mention the fantastic work they accomplished in our home. From the first moment I asked for a quote till the final clean-up day.We had different companies come to inspect and quote us but the vast majority over-quoted and some didn't even show up when they said they would.So happy with Spanline and look forward to having them complete other projects in the future.
After some research and a few quotes to knockdown and rebuild a new pergola, we decided to go with Spanline as Scott Basman was fantastic. Scott was incredibly knowledgeable, understood exactly what we wanted and more than happy to accommodate. A few quotes came in a little cheaper, but they did not listen to what we wanted, nor were they able to incorporate the extras that we requested. We absolutely recommend Spanline. Can’t wait for completion.
I'm so pleased with my new pergola. Thanks to Scott and Aaron for being so easy to work with and so responsive. It was a painless process with a perfect outcome.
Vanessa Ericson
Vanessa Ericson
We were looking to update our entertaining area which is quite large and called into Spanline ACT after driving past the showroom. Everything from the first meeting with Scott Basman has been fantastic. Scott had renderings completed so we could visualize a completed project.Our project is still a working progress, very happy with Scott, Dan, Tom and the entire team and can’t wait for our completion

Roof Repair: A Comprehensive Guide

1. The Australian Climate Challenge
Australia’s diverse climate, ranging from tropical to temperate, poses unique challenges for roofing. It’s crucial to select materials designed specifically for Australian conditions. Spanline Home Additions, for instance, focuses on products tailored for such diverse weather patterns, ensuring longevity.

2. High-Tensile Strength Matters
For roof repair, it’s important to choose strong materials like Aluzinc® coated steel from Spanline’s Double-U® Roofing. These materials provide outstanding strength, safeguarding against common weather-induced damages. Our Double U® and Slendek® roof sheets have passed fire resistance tests and meet national standards for building materials. Double U® and Slendek® Roofing systems are nationally approved for cyclone and fire protection.

3. Temperature Regulation for Year-Round Comfort
Spanline has consistently valued innovation in crafting home solutions that resonate with the unique Australian climate. Our Skylux® Louvre Opening Roof System is a great example. Designed with aluminium, known for its excellent thermal conductivity properties, when closed it efficiently reflects sunlight. When opened the louvres allow hot air to escape, inviting cooler air to circulate. This ensures that your outdoor spaces remain pleasantly cool during the scorching summer months. Conversely, during the colder season, the aluminium louvres effectively trap heat, providing a cosy ambience, year-round.

4. Water Runoff Design Innovations
Double-U® Roofing has innovative high ribs that help water flow off the roof, preventing pooling and leaks. This clever design feature also offers resistance to debris build-up, further safeguarding the structure.

5. Durable Roofing Resists Australian Extremities
With areas of Australia prone to cyclonic conditions, it’s paramount to opt for roofing tested against such extremes. Double-U® Roofing and Slendek® undergo testing to withstand extreme weather, ensuring durability over time.

6. Minimising Unsightly Supports
The future of roofing design aims at maximising spans without the need for obtrusive supporting beams. With the Double-U® roofing, homeowners can have large spaces without additional pillars, maximising space and making the most of the views.

7. The Perks of Modern Technology
Roofing solutions are now harnessing technology for enhanced user experience. Skylux® louvred roof has Bluetooth capability that allows for:

  • Seamless connection through the Skylux® Wi-Fi hub for mobile device control.
  • Scheduling of the louvre blades to operate automatically based on your preferences.
  • Ability to integrate rain sensors and custom lighting options.

8. Adapting to Low Roof Pitches
Modern designs often lean towards low-pitch roofs for a sleek, contemporary look. The Slendek® roofing product is suitable for pitches as low as one degree.

9. Roof Skylights: Merging Functionality with Aesthetics
Roof skylights, like Spanlites® skylight panels, are increasingly popular. Skylights bring in sunlight and keep the inside cool by blocking UV rays and heat. They are both attractive and practical.

10. After-Sales Support and Warranty: A Commitment to Excellence
Leading companies, such as Spanline, emphasise their commitment to customers through unmatched after-sales support. With a 15-year warranty, we’re confident in our product’s quality and longevity.

These insights ensure top-quality roofing and great value for homeowners in the Australian setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Australia's unique climate influence roofing choices?

Australia is a vast continent with diverse climates: the tropical regions of Queensland to the temperate climates of Victoria. This means that roofing solutions must be versatile enough to withstand extreme sun, torrential rain, and even hail.

Spanline tailors its products specifically for the Australian climate. Our materials and designs are weather-resistant and promote energy efficiency and longevity. This is crucial for homeowners who want to protect their investments and ensure comfort throughout the year.

Why is high-tensile strength essential in roofing materials?

Materials like Aluzinc® coated steel in Spanline’s Double-U® Roofing demonstrate the importance of strength in roofing systems. Beyond weather resistance, a robust roof can withstand more physical stress, translating to fewer repairs and a longer lifespan.

What roof design encourages better water runoff?

Water runoff remains a pivotal aspect of roof design. The Double-U® Roofing profile features peaks and valleys designed to help water drain faster, reducing the chance of leaks. Such innovations also limit debris build-up, maximising the longevity of the roof.

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