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Spanline Flooring Systems: The ultimate cost-effective flooring solution for strength and durability


  • Any space requiring a floor and deck
  • Commercial mezzanine or raised platform
  • Granny flats and tiny houses
  • Sloping sites, bushfire areas, flood zones


Durable: Non-combustible, resistant to rot, twisting, and shrinking, with a termite-proof Aluzinc coating inside and out. The strength of the rolled steel allows for greater spans and reduces the impact on site works and sediment control issues.

Cost-effective: Lightweight; easy to carry and simple to install; off-the-shelf standard brackets and componentry.

Efficient Construction: Longer joist spans and bearer spans result in fewer footings and posts, less concrete, quicker construction, and overall cost savings.

Transform your residential or commercial space with our versatile, termite-resistant, fire-tested flooring system.

Experience the perfect blend of strength, durability, and simplicity with Spanline’s steel subframe flooring system.

Designed for both residential and commercial applications, our system is versatile and customisable, meeting the unique needs of your project with ease. Whether you’re building a residential or commercial property, our solution is ideal for mezzanine levels, raised platforms, decks and flooring.

Crafted with robust steel, Spanline’s subframe flooring system is immune to termite damage, ensuring long-lasting durability. Spanline steel has been fully tested and meets national accreditation standards for fire resistance under AS1530.

Builder’s best bet

No need to wait for your product to arrive on-site before you can start measuring, marking, and cutting bearers and joists. With Spanline Flooring Systems, your subfloor comes with joist and bracket details, all ready for assembly. This eliminates the risk of measurement errors and misalignments that could compromise the integrity of your flooring system.

It’s all about making your construction process faster and more cost-efficient. Thanks to our state-of-the-art CAD technology and automated manufacturing processes, your floor is designed to your exact specifications and delivered as a complete kit.

With Spanline Flooring Systems, you’re not just getting a product, you’re investing in a solution that’s designed to meet your needs, save you time, and provide you with a reliable, durable, and elegant flooring system.

Amazing job by Spanline!! Constant consultation during the build of our deck roof, and with the organising of electrical work to light switches and installation of ceiling fan. We now enjoy entertaining on the covered deck enjoying the sunset and the view to the escarpment
Thanks to everyone involved in our project,a great job.Special mention to Rob who constructed our patio on is own with attention to detail.Loving the new door & screen,I would have no hesitation recommending Spanline Home Additions Southside
David Wilson
David Wilson
A verandah was recently added to my home by spanline wagga. Great service by all in particular Adam who was especially precise with the building worksVery pleased with the result and workmanshipMany thanks Adam, Terrell and Craig
Judith Langton
Judith Langton
I recently had our rear deck extended and carport. Words escape me to express my graduate to all that were involved. John, Paul, Noah, Mel and Hamish and all the team,a big thankyou.
Paul Scotcher
Paul Scotcher
We are very pleased with our new Spanline patio extension. The staff and installers were very professional and completed the project in the agreed time frame. It will add considerable value to our house by keeping it cool and give us extra room for entertaining
Brian Saxby
Brian Saxby
John,Mike and the team did a great job building my enclosed patio. They always kept me posted on the progress of my build. Thanks team for a fantastic job.
Sue Davy
Sue Davy
Chris got a spanline deck - once it went thru council, it happened quickly. Easy communication, the deck looks amazing, they also helped follow up a gutter problem that was not their fault at all. Highly recommend!
Jo Warne
Jo Warne
We have a very large north-facing deck that bakes in the summer sun and was not very usable. When it rained our front stairs became a waterfall.Jamie from Spanline designed and quoted for a roof to cover about half the deck. This allows winter sun to still get into the house but protects the stairs and front door from rain and gives us a great shaded space to use. He also designed in the option of being able to enclose the space with walls later if we want to.The work was done promptly and to a high standard by the local tradesman and there was no dispute when we changed a couple of details late in the design stage.We couldn't be happier with the result and highly recommend Spanline. Not the cheapest option but definitely worth it for the quality of materials and installation.
John Island
John Island
Thankyou Spanline for redoing our deck. We love it! Much cooler now in summer. Great outdoor space for us to use day and night.
Sheena Gunn
Sheena Gunn
Spanline built a new deck a Skylux opening roof pergola at our new home.The admin from the office from the sales team to the accounts department was excellent.The tradesmen who were assigned to complete our project were top class and produced a terrific result.We are very happy with our new addition and our choice in using Spanline Coffs Harbour
Phil Sparks
Phil Sparks
Absolutely love my little deck awning. The finish is perfect. Shahil and Scott were great communicators, easy to deal with and paid attention to detail! Great job guys. 👏
We recently had a first-storey awning installed by Jason and his team at Spanline Coffs Harbour. Our original area was small and the wooden deck had deteriorated. Jason came out and met with us and we talked through what we wanted to achieve with area. Jason gave us several patio design options to choose from as well as a variety of colours and materials for the flooring. Jason recommended the Spanline Double U roof sheet advising us it was low maintenance and had long spans so we wouldn't need as many posts. Once we'd agreed on design things moved pretty quickly. The builders were very professional and were really pleasant to deal with. They even roped off the build area to make sure our gardens and lawn areas were protected. When the finished they left the site clean and tidy. The build quality is top notch and the Double U roof and new decking blend perfectly like it has always been a part of our house. Jason and his team were great and very easy to deal with. We honestly could not be happier with our new outdoor area that we can now sit out on and enjoy the views. We highly recommend Spanline.
Shane Lambert
Shane Lambert

Spanline Flooring Systems features

  • Made from high-strength Aluzinc steel: Ensures durability and longevity.
  • Adjustable design: Allows for customisation based on specific project requirements.
  • Lightweight construction: Facilitates easy handling and installation.
  • Resistant to termites: Eliminates the risk of termite damage.
  • Fire-resistant: Enhances safety in case of fire incidents.
  • Corrosion-resistant: Increases the lifespan of the flooring system.
  • Compatible with various flooring materials: Offers versatility in design and aesthetics.
  • Engineered in Australia for Australian conditions and for load-bearing capacity up to 500kgs/m2: Ensures structural integrity and safety.
  • Available in various sizes:  Cut to length so there is no wastage. Can accommodate different project scales.

Spanline Flooring Systems benefits

  • Long-lasting: The high-strength steel ensures the flooring system will last for many years.
  • Customisable: The adjustable design allows for a perfect fit, regardless of the project’s specifics.
  • Easy to install: The lightweight construction means less manpower is needed for installation.
  • Lower maintenance costs: The resistance to termites, fire, and corrosion reduces the need for repairs and replacements.
  • Versatile: The compatibility with various flooring materials allows for a wide range of design options.
  • Safe: The engineered load-bearing capacity ensures the flooring system can safely support the intended loads.
  • Suitable for various project scales: The availability in various sizes means it can be used for small to large projects.

The science of Roll Form Beams

Local Spanline Franchises produce Roll Form Beams at their manufacturing facilities. The beams are manufactured in a range of sizes and rolled to length to accommodate different size spans and floor construction weights.


What makes roll form beams the perfect solution for durable flooring:

  1. Production Process: Roll form beams are produced by gradually bending a flat sheet of metal into the desired shape. The beams are typically very consistent in shape and size – important for applications that require precision. Roll forming is a highly efficient process that produces beams at a high speed, making it a cost-effective solution.
  2. High Strength: Roll forming can produce beams with high strength-to-weight ratios, making them ideal for supporting heavy loads in flooring systems. The Spanline Flooring System subfloor will take up to 500kgs/m2.
  3. Durability: Roll formed beams, especially those made from steel, are highly durable and resistant to various environmental factors such as moisture, termites, and fire. Your subfloor will withstand even the most extreme weather conditions without warping or cracking.
  4. Versatility: Roll forming can be used to produce a wide variety of beam shapes and sizes making it ideal for both residential and commercial purposes. This includes standard shapes like I-beams and C-channels, as well as custom profiles.

Let Spanline help

For over 38 years, we have been at the forefront of the home improvement industry, leading the way in providing innovative and top-notch solutions to Australian homeowners. Our unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality results is something we take great pride in.

Our licensed builders will organise everything from onsite inspections, custom designs and council plans, 3D rendering of your project, through to council approvals^.

Our warranty

Spanline Australia and all Spanline Home Additions franchise owners are completely committed to our national Customer Service Code of Excellence and we are as confident in our product as we are in our service.

That’s why, for your peace of mind, we back our product with a nationally registered 15-year structural warranty.*

Spanline has been changing the way Australians play for over 30 years, with an unwavering commitment to quality, integrity and service so you can rest assured you will get the best possible result.

Our qualifications

At Spanline, we hold valid builder’s licences and ensure that every person working on your project has their trade certificates.

Our Design Advisors undergo continuous professional development in technical and design education, as well as customer support training, to provide you with the best possible service.

We take pride in our commitment to quality and expertise in the industry.

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