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Cool Comfort Oasis

Nestled near the coastal charm of Coffs Harbour, the property originally featured a stylish deck next to a beautiful pool area complete with a waterfall feature. Despite the allure of the poolside deck, excessive heat rendered the area largely unused.

Innovative Transformation: Spanline’s Ezi Struct® Insulated Roof Panels combined with a modern skillion design unlocked the unused potential of the area and created a sophisticated and tranquil space protected from the heat of the day.

Bright and Cool: Spanline’s Spanlite® light panels illuminate the space during the day, while strategically placed lights ensure usability even after sunset.

Relaxation Redefined: From basking in the cool daytime breeze to enjoying cosy evenings under the stars, this transformed outdoor area offers a haven of comfort and relaxation for the whole family – even the dog!

Coffs Harbour

Colours used:
Ezi Struct® Insulated Roof: Windspray
Ceiling: Surfmist
Posts & Beams: White

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