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Spanline has been designing and building custom carports and shelters for over 30 years!

Give the precious things in your life the treatment they deserve. Spanline offers a range of shelters and carports to home owners, helping you create the space you want.

Perhaps it’s a shelter over a pool or kids’ play area? A carport to cover the caravan or boat? Maybe you just want to get the cars out of the sun. For these and many more Times Like These™, Spanline has literally got you covered.

Find your local store above and discover how your nearest Spanline team could help you build the perfect carport for your home. With offices across the country, you’re never far from the help you need:

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Carport designs to suit every need & every home

Our carports and shelters usually consist of a roof with open sides and can be tailored to your desired aesthetics, ensuring that your new addition perfectly matches your property’s existing design. With a variety of roofing profiles such as flyover, split gable, skillion and classic gable roofing, we offer our customers real choice, delivering results that look exceptional and contribute to the value of their property.

At Spanline, we pride ourselves on taking a collaborative approach to every project, never working from kits to ensure the ideal addition to your property, because we know your home should be as unique as you. Design flexibility means that you can build a carport or shelter on almost any part of your property, to any length, height or width and in any style. Customise every aspect of your design to your individual budget, needs and property and build exactly the space you want with help from Spanline’s exceptional team.

The possibilities are endless, with a Spanline free standing carports and shelters providing a covered space whilst providing protection from the weather. Our exclusive Climatek® insulated roofing helps to keep the noise down, whilst our Spanlites® allow the space to remain light and airy. Our exclusive DoubleU® roofing ensures greater strength and durability, which calls for fewer supporting beams and posts. It offers a spacious feel to designs, and with its Colorweld® paint finish and protective painting, it doesn’t just perform well; it looks good. Leveraging state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and with a dedication to using only the highest quality materials, we deliver results that stand the test of time, providing comfort and shade in even the harshest Australian climates.

A flexible approach to carport installations

Spanline makes it easy to make your dream home a reality.

Whether you’re building a carport, a patio or a glass enclosure, Spanline will take care of the whole process from start to finish*, meaning less stress for you and more time to sit back and enjoy the process. Our talented designers and builders will work collaboratively with you to determine exactly what you need to complete your home, delivering a result that will enhance your space for decades to come.

Discover the Spanline difference and browse our range of shelter and single and double carport designs for sale. With franchises across the country, we make it easy for every Australian to work with someone who understands their unique needs.

Enjoy shade and privacy, and shelter – contact Spanline today for a free design and quote.

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We take care of everything
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