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Give life more living with Spanline glass rooms or screened enclosures…

Stay comfortable and protected all year round in a new insulated outdoor/indoor room. With a range of shapes, styles, colours and features to choose from, you will find the perfect addition to your home and lifestyle. Whether you’re after a sunroom, glass room or screened enclosure, Spanline Home Additions can custom design a project for you.

Designed with year-round living in mind, Spanline glass rooms allow you to make the most of the winter sunlight and stay cosy and warm, but also keep the room nice and cool during the warmer months. Because they’re weatherproof, you can furnish them with outdoor furniture, or create an extension that flows seamlessly from the interior of your home. Imagine watching the footy next to a warm fireplace, or relaxing on the couch with a cold drink, enjoying the views from your light and airy room.

Screened enclosures are perfect for enjoying the breeze while enjoying time outside, without being pestered by those irritating insects that nobody enjoys having around. Imagine being able to cook a summer BBQ without having to worry about mosquitos!

Our glass rooms are created to suit your home and lifestyle requirements. Using our windows and walling and Climatek®  insulated roofing, we ensure that your glass room or enclosure doesn’t just look great; it’s functional as well. Why not make the best of both worlds and combine a glass enclosure with matching patio?

A glass or screened enclosure is an effective way to add more space and value to your home, and affording your new glass or screened enclosure is made easier with payment plans from MacCredit. Your new Spanline home addition could be closer than you think.

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A Spanline glass or screened enclosure is the perfect way to add space and value to your home.

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