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Whether it’s a hot summer’s day, a frosty winter morning or raining, the solid polystyrene core in our exclusive Climatek® range of insulated roofing and wall panels reduces noise and helps to protect you from the elements.

For increased strength and durability, we add not only one, but two layers of Colorweld® steel to give you a long lasting, easy-care finish which looks great. We offer a variety of colour options, as well as various roofing profiles, including flyovers, split gables, skillions and classic gables. No matter what look you’re trying to achieve, we have an insulated roofing colour that can help you achieve it.

Our insulated roofing has proven itself time and time again, being a popular choice for customers building glass rooms and screen enclosures. Some customers have opted to add a fireplace for added warmth and cosiness on those cold winter nights, whilst others prefer a more minimalistic approach. Regardless of what you choose to do, rest assured knowing that Climatek® insulated roofing has you covered and comfortable, no matter what the weather.

Patios and verandahs also prove to be a popular choice for Climatek® insulated roofing. With its noise-dampening properties, our insulated roofing lets you entertain comfortably without worrying about excessive noise from rain or hail.

The Climatek® range is also perfect for awnings, pergolas, carports, home extensions, or just about any other roofing application.

Leave the weather outside and change the way you play® with Spanline and our range of insulated roofing. Contact your nearest Spanline franchise today for a free quote.



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